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Heli Americas

Based in Memphis, TN, Heli Americas delivers material handling products that are the best value for the money to both dealers and their industrial customers. The Heli forklift line is rugged in both design and componentry, but without the overly complex technology and associated high acquisition and repair costs commonplace in the material handling industry today.

Heli Americas was founded in 2007 by President and CEO Bruce Pelynio.

Bruce brings 42 years of material handling industry experience with a variety of manufacturers including Allis Chalmers, Toyota and Yale. He believes that Heli Americas, and the Heli material handling line “deliver a true value proposition to the dealer, their sales staff and ultimately to the customer.” Heli Americas supports its customers with an unparalleled team of material handling industry veterans who average over 25 years of direct industry experience.

As the forklift manufacturer for Heli Americas, Anhui Heli has maintained a consistent track record of growth since 1958. Today, Heli is the 8th largest manufacturer of forklifts worldwide. With over 10 million square feet of best-in-class ISO9001/14001 and CE certified production facilities, Heli excels at designing and manufacturing a rugged, high value product line. And most importantly, Anhui Heli and Heli Americas are committed to providing well-designed and manufactured products along with the best support available to its dealers and customers.

Heli Americas Corporate Headquarters
2005 Fletcher Creek Dr
Memphis, TN 38133
Toll Free: (866) 401-HELI (4354)
Direct Line: (901) 255-0735
Fax Line: (901) 452-8688

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